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Gaming Convention Khaos-Kon Comes To Oshkosh 0

Gaming Convention

On March 4, 2017, the first annual Khaos-Kon will happen at the Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel and Convention Center in Oshkosh. Khaos-Kon, a board game and miniatures convention, is being organized by Oshkosh’s Adventure Games & Hobby.

Khaos-Kon is a gaming convention that will feature board games, collectible card games, tabletop miniatures, demos of new and exciting releases and workshops to learn about games you never even knew existed.

The event will provide a fun, family friendly space for people to come and play games, regardless of their skill level. Competitive tournaments will be running throughout the day for the hard-core players, with many of opportunities for casual players to get in a day of fun!

According to Adventure Games & Hobby owners Teddy and Charlene Alecos, Board games are becoming an increasingly popular form of entertainment.

“Over the past 5 years global sales of games have drastically increased and have even prompted the pop-up of board game themed bars and cafes around the world,” said Charlene. “Even right here in Oshkosh, we have seen a significant increase in attendance at our weekly events. After only 2 years in our previous location, we knew we had to increase our gaming space. We just couldn’t comfortably fit all the players who wanted to join us each week, and we haven’t stopped growing since. That’s when we decided Oshkosh was ready for a larger scale gaming convention, and we’ve received overwhelming support from the community.”

For Khaos-Kon, Teddy and Charlene have brought in miniatures gaming expert Nick Livingstone, expanding the scope of the event. Nick will serve as Tournament Manager. He previously was the organizer and rules judge for the Gladiator Tournament at Adepticon.

Khaos-Kon will have a “Play to Win” section where attendees can try out different board games and enter a raffle to win them. During the day, there will be LARPing (Live Action Roleplaying) demonstrations with a boffering arena. For those new to the term, “boffering” refers to the ancient and noble art of hitting your friend with a large foam stick

In the evening, there will be a “Bizarre Bazar” where people are welcome to buy, sell, and trade their games and other collectible items.

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