Tyler & the Streeters’ Пустота в моєму серці is Retro-Infused Folk-Punk at its Finest


Appleton folk-punk/surf rock/brass rock group Tyler & the Streeters have returned with a brand new full-length titled Пустота в моєму серці that explores upbeat and triumphant tones juxtaposed against lamenting lyrics. It’s the first release to showcase a new lineup which happens to feature members of other popular Appleton bands, including Pudge and RedHawks.

Names are certainly important, and we understand if this album’s title leaves you at a loss. Thankfully, frontman Tyler Streeter provided some insight. “Pustota v moyemu sertsi,” Streeter said regarding the pronunciation. “Translated, it means, ‘Void in my heart’, something 2017 was sure to give me a considerable amount of. The Ukrainian language seemed fitting, I don’t know much about the place, but a deeply loving part of my life was left there.”

With that in mind, listeners can expect an album forged in moments of pain, struggle uncertainty, and disillusionment. The tracks to some degree go through stages of grief, eventually accepting the uncomfortable reality of loneliness.

“This album to me is the ‘whoosh’ feeling you get when an anxiety attack starts. The complete and utter sorrow where all you can do is let your arms drop to your sides, fall to your knees and cry. It’s a public diary of me working through my depression,” Streeter added.

In light of the lyrical subject matter, the album rarely feels dark. Soulful doo-wop harmonies underlie the slow-dance sensibilities of “My Love”; layered brass is in no short supply; the tonality is largely major key. The mix admittedly is somewhat lofi, though this is more flattering than anything, complementing the tempos and instrumental arrangements for a result that seems blissfully nostalgic. In this manner, Tyler & the Streeters garner comparisons from AJJ to the Beach Boys.

In true folk-punk fashion, many of the songs are shorter than typical radio hits; Streeter is gnomic in his lyrical approach, and the tracks are strong enough without ceaseless chorus repetitions. The album ultimately sits at 13 songs, which does help round out the final runtime.

This album is decidedly more diverse than any previous Tyler & the Streeters release, due again largely to the new roster and expanded instrumentation at play. “Always a constant sense of change in my musical taste or endeavors, I love to push things into uncharted, perhaps uncomfortable territory, and wouldn’t be able to accomplish any of that without the friends that share their astounding talents,” Streeter said. Streeter has a team of veterans with him, and it shows. 

Пустота в моєму серці currently isn’t available to the public (unless you managed to snag a copy during the few days it was up for download) but you can check out the first track, “Real Slow”, below. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook for updates on the official release.


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