Trump Roast Kickstarter launched


Local events hosted in the Fox Valley provide an opportunity to experience the new card game.

Trump Roast, the humorous new party game created by Oshkosh’s Drew Mueske and Adrian Mulloy, has gone live and is in the final stages of development before full-scale production begins.

The interactive card game has been in planning for more than three years, having achieved with this final version a refined and creative game that is timely, hilarious and easy to play.

The Trump Roast Kickstarter runs through February 28, 2020, with one-third of the goal already raised. Supporters can receive an advance proof of the game, a locally-printed Trump Roast shirt, and more.

According to the creators:

Trump Roast is an hilarious party game of the future that uses the present and past quotes of POTUS Donald Trump. Instead of criticizing information shared by political candidates, these guys put a creative twist to create Trump Roast. We all claim to have the “know how” to solve even the most complex of issues for our country, yet how would we perform when given the chance? Trump Roast lets players take a hand at solving absurd & fictitious “Policy” issues by choosing what “Position” they will take. 

It’s hard to ignore the divisive political climate we are currently in the midst of. We have entered an election year, so opinions from both sides will be flying even more rapidly. We are currently in a new political age, where political views can be shared with the world through the click of a button. Who would have thought ten years ago that our president would be running his political career by twitter? While the professionalism of this method of communication is questionable at best, it has unlocked new insight into presidential candidates as a whole. Information that was once obtained only through newspapers and local news stations is now available 24/7 online. 

Trump Roast is a political game only on the surface, but filled with humor at it’s core. The game is a card game that uses real Trump quotes to solve ridiculous Policy questions. With Policy questions like, “What does Donald have tattooed on his lower back?” – anyone can get a good laugh. It plays similar to Apples to Apples with a few special cards added.

The game is easy to play, but even after 3 years of Trump’s presidency the quotes are still shocking. Game creator Drew Mueske worked with Adrian Mulloy to revamp the game earlier last year. Together they revamped the game and added special cards to take real politics out of the game. Special cards include Fake News, MAGA, Trump, Veto and Collusion that spice up the game and add some strategy to the mix.

“One of the unexpected things,” as Drew noted “has been watching Trump Roast bring people together with laughter and respectful discourse. People from different political backgrounds who might otherwise be at each other’s virtual throats in the polarizing world of social media. In the real world people are more respectful. People are less likely to demonize another person, especially while sharing great laughs and a beer.” 

The launch of Trump Roast on Kickstarter has been the result of long hours designing and creating over the past 9 months, but the game development actually started before Trump became president. 

“I created the initial versions of Trump Roast between his election and inauguration just over 3 years ago. Originally the game was a little darker as the policy questions were based off real politics, but real politics aren’t real fun,” according to Mueske. The game sat in the basement for a few years before he dusted it off and revamped it.

While some might see the outcome of the impeachment trial or 2020 election having an effect on the future of this game, Drew believes Trump will continue to be outspoken & ridiculous regardless of those political outcomes. “It’s absolutely wild times! For the past 30+ years, Trump has desperately sought all media attention to go from a trust fund son of a real estate magnet to celebrity entrepreneur, actor and (arguably) the most influential position in the world. Positive and negative, he’s leveraged all of the attention to become the President of the United States.” 

The game creators have put a lot of work and fun into the making of their first Kickstarter campaign. We encourage you to check out Trump Roast on Kickstarter or their Facebook page for local events. 


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