The Grand Oshkosh welcomes Ladies of Laughter, Six Appeal


The Grand Oshkosh welcomes Ladies of Laughter comedy and Six Appeal vocals to perform Thursday, Nov. 16, and Friday, Nov. 17.

Six Appeal vocal band will take the stage Thursday Nov. 16 at 7:30 p.m., when audience members can enjoy unique music stylings by performers Jordan Roll, Andrew Berkowitz, Michael Brookens, Reuben Hushagen, Trey Jones and Johnathan Thalmann.

Ladies of Laughter will perform on Friday, Nov. 17, at 7:30 p.m., featuring stand-up acts by comedians Kelly MacFarland, Alycia Cooper and Christine Stedman.

Performer Jordan Roll said Six Appeal vocal band doesn’t use any instruments or technology, just purely voice to make different sounds and pitches, similar to beat-boxing.

“People are always surprised that everything they hear comes from just our voice. If you’ve ever heard of the group Pentatonix, it’s a lot like that.” Roll said.

The inspiration behind Six Appeal started when Jordan Roll and Michael Brookens decided to give comedy a try during their freshman talent show in 2006 at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.

“Michael and I started this with four other guys for our freshman talent show in college just for fun,” Roll said. “We loved it so much, that eventually we had to find more guys to join Michael and I long-term because as we started getting more recognition, people were requesting us for more events.”

Roll said they have been touring full time since 2011, doing 50-200 shows a year.

“We all quit our jobs in November 2011, and we’ve been touring full-time ever since,” Roll said. “We are one of the busiest vocal groups in the world, numbers wise, doing 50-200 shows a year.”

Roll said audience members can look forward to nonstop entertainment that will be uniquely different.

“We are going to entertain the socks right off of the audience,” Roll said. “We are going to take their idea of what a singing concert is and flip it on its head.”

According to comedian Kelly MacFarland, Ladies of Laughter is an organization that tours nationally, bringing talented female comedians together to share in one common interest—comedy.

“Ladies of Laughter is a giant organization filled with many talented women, and its purpose is to support women in comedy in their careers so that they can work together, book shows together, share common goals and we tour nationally.” MacFarland said.

Comedians MacFarland and Cooper have appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. 

MacFarland also said that alongside Alicia Cooper and Christine Stedman  she is a professional winner from the Ladies of Laughter semi-\annual contest.

“Every other year there is a contest, so that Peggy Boyce, the creator of Ladies of Laughter, can find new ladies,” MacFarland said.  “In 2016, I was the professional-winner, Alicia Cooper was the professional-winner in 2015  and Christine Stedman won the competition several years ago, so she is a returning member to Ladies of Laughter.”

“Ladies of Laughter was created by Peggy Boyce, and she created it as a tribute to her late friend Mary Joe Wobker, and she was a comedian and a booker who helped many women’s career in the New York area ”

MacFarland said she loves being surrounded by fellow female comedians.

“The male comic population is larger than the female comic population, so anytime you can meet other female comedians and rally around funny women it’s really inspiring and it kind of lifts you up,” MacFarland said.

Audience members can look forward to an “easy night of laughter,” she said..

“The world can be really hard sometimes so what better way to spend your Friday night than with three hilarious ladies?” MacFarland said.

MacFarland also said she is looking forward to enjoying her first cheese curds in Wisconsin.

“I’m not saying that the audience should come bearing cheese curd gifts. I’m also not saying that they shouldn’t.”


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