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During the summer months, every Saturday morning is the Oshkosh Farmers Market on Main St. During this time many of the stores, bars and restaurants open before their normal times. While there I decided to swing by The Magnet Billiards & Bar to give their bloody mary a try. In addition to opening early they also provide outdoor seating during the farmers market, which is a great way to enjoy the weather.

Instead of grabbing a table outside first, I went in so I could see how the drink was made instead of the waitress bringing it over. The first thing I noticed immediately was how great the bartender was. The bartender was really friendly, offering up different choices on the drink and even doing some bottle flips while creating the drink. The choices offered where if I wanted the drink mild, medium or hot and which garnishes I wanted included. It is nice when the bar takes the time to customize this drink for you even more than it already is.

7-27-2015 10-28-48 AMI ordered a medium spiced drink and asked for all the garnishes. The bartender started by adding Tabasco, A.1. Steak Sauce and a lemon slice to the drink; following it up with vodka and a tomato juice blend. The garnishes added to the drink were two olives, a pickle, Brussel sprouts, beef stick and string cheese.

I asked what was included in their tomato mix and was told Zing Zang is used as the base then additional ingredients were added, but they did not specify which ingredients. Using Zing Zang as the base for a bloody mary drink is a very common practice that I have noticed. Sometimes adding additional ingredients to the pre-mix works and sometimes it doesn’t. This time it did work out very well. The drink had good flavor and good kick. And since I was asked how spicy I wanted it, it wasn’t something that was overpowering in any way.

I chose the Curious Traveler Summer Shandy for my chaser. I enjoy the summer shandy beer for my chasers and it was nice to be able to try a different brand.

The only down side to this experience was by the time I headed back outside, all the tables were full. But the drink and service was fantastic, and would recommend trying the drink there sometime. They also serve breakfast Saturday morning during the farmers market if you wanted to make it a meal.

(Rating 4.5 out 5)

519 N Main St Oshkosh, WI


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