Six ways to make Oshkosh more sustainable


Students in the 2017 Environmental Studies Senior Seminar taught by professor Laura Hartman at UW Oshkosh have come up with six recommendations for helping the city find its way to a more sustainable future:

  • Improving energy efficienicy at the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Encouraging greater use of the local bus system.
  • Gaining access to the UWO biodigester for city residents.
  • Increasing green space and community gardens.
  • Installing better lighting on streets and in parks and buildings.
  • Applying for grants to support these proposals.

A copy of their full analysis and recommendations can be found at this link.

“The report will serve as a valuable resource as the Sustainability Advisory Board begins the process of updating the city’s Sustainability Plan over the next year or so,” said City Manager Mark Rohloff.

Photo: One step toward sustainability would be to give city residents access to the UW Oshkosh biodigester on Dempsey Trail.


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