Saturday at Oshkosh Main Street Music Fest 2019


Today (Saturday, July 27) is the biggest day of the year for live music in Oshkosh. More than 35 sets of music will be played as part of Oshkosh Main Street Music Fest 2019. All shows are free, but nothing is free, so buy some band merch, tip well, and support the venues that are hosting bands.

Music kicks off at 11am and continues on through the night. Check out the full lineup here. Here’s the OI picks for each venue:

VESERIA (Indianapolis, IN) @ Barley & Hops Outdoor Patio. 10pm.

If you only catch one set this weekend, make Veseria be the one: in your face energy matched with clever song writing and exceptional horn playing. It is shaping up to be a beautiful evening for music outdoors, and Barley & Hops has it for this set.

MILES NIELSEN & THE RUSTED HEARTS (Rockford, IL) @ Peabody’s Main Stage. 5:30pm.

The biggest name to participate in this year’s fest, MN&TRH deliver a tight, catchy ball of country-tinged Americana rock ‘n’ roll complemented by choruses and skilled instrumentation. Oshkosh is familiar territory for the band, as about 15 years ago it was common to catch Adam Plamann and Dan the man McMahon for a New Moon or Water City Grill set. We’re happy to welcome them back.

TIGERNITE (Milwaukee, WI) @ Fletch’s Patio. 7:45pm.

Post glam-rock from hell with a bit of glitter and men in leather. Enough said.

BLUE COLLAR BLUES BAND (Fox Valley) @ Twisted Roots. 2-4:30pm

We needed some grey-haired dirty music junkies that play a vibraphone on this list, and here it is. Early sets to kick off your afternoon of music.

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