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Ah January! First it’s cold, then it’s colder, then it’s raining-snowing-sleeting… It’s hard to keep up with New Year’s resolutions when staying inside with a big fat quilt sounds so inviting. There’s always something to do at Winnebago County Parks & Sunnyview Expo Center to entice you away from the couch.

Here’s just a few items to get you out and about. The Waukau Dam Single Track Bike Trail is up and running! Groomed by the Oshkosh Cycling Club, the trail is just under 3 miles long and snakes around the hilly terrain of the Waukau Dam site, (not to be confused with the Waukau Nature Preserve which is just down the road). The trail allows bikes to be ridden in snow, though they must have tires that are 3.8″ or wider and tire pressure must be 8psi or lower. Snowshoeing is welcome as well since the snow shoes help to pack the track base. The open/closed status of the trail is published on the Waukau Dam Bike Trail Facebook page and updated daily.

Waukau Dam Single Track Bike Trail

Speaking of snow shoes, the J.P. Coughlin Nature Area just east of the J.P. Coughlin Building on County Y, is a great place to snow shoe, especially for beginners as the terrain is relatively flat. When there’s enough snow the trails are groomed. Even without grooming the paths are easy to follow and snow shoeing is allowed whether the trails have been groomed or not.

There’s 2 types of ski trails groomed within the Winnebago County Community Park – traditional and skate ski. The trailhead is at the north end of the park with access to parking.

Cross country ski trails within the Community Park.

Take your furry friend for a romp at the Best Friends Dog Park.

The north entrance to the park is open 24/7 during the winter months for access to the trailhead, disc golf course and Best Friends Dog Park. Oh, yes disc golf! Playing in the snow is a lot of fun and a great workout. To check on the open/closed status of ski and snowmobile trails within the Park and on the WIOUWASH and Mascoutin Trails, call the info line at 920-232-1960. Always make sure to dress for the weather when you’re out and about enjoying the Winnebago County Parks.

Snow shoe trails at the J.P. Coughlin Nature Area provide a place to sit.

Still not budging? There’s things to do inside where it’s warm at Sunnyview Expo Center almost every weekend through February. There may not be a fluffy quilt to wrap up in, but there’s dogs, home improvement items (like fireplaces!!), an indoor rummage sale, antiques and historic firearms. As well as seminars on interesting topics that pertain to the events taking place. Info on Sunnyview Expo Center events is available on the Winnebago County Parks website at

Asylum Point Park is a great place for a winter walk.

So, still not convinced? Waiting for warmer weather? Well in case you forgot, shelter reservations for the summer season at the Winnebago County Community Park have begun. Reservations are first come/first served and must be made in person at the Parks Office within the J.P. Coughlin Building on County Y, suite 500. Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Cash or check only and there is a Cornerstone Processing ATM on site for those who wish to use cash from their debit card account. Shelters 1 and 2 always go fast, so if you’re thinking of holding an event in the park this summer stop in quick to get your reservation secured.

Shelter reservations are underway at the Parks Office for 2018.

If you’re still determined to stay indoors here’s a supply of suggested reading material to help you while away the time until the temperature rises a bit. The Winnebago County Parks & Sunnyview Expo Center Facebook page has a link to the monthly newsletter at Inside you’ll find our new logo to admire. As well as articles outlining the partnerships that Winnebago County Parks & Sunnyview Expo Center has throughout Winnebago County. Two particular partnerships involve working with the Oshkosh Convention & Visitor’s Bureau to bring events into Winnebago County and another new partnership just announced helps 501C3 community groups to advertise in the Oshkosh Independent Magazine. Once you’re on the Facebook page you’ll find notices from other public entities within the area on events taking place, honors bestowed, and of course lots of nature and wildlife.

Follow the Adventures of Stan & Phil in Winnebago County Parks.

If you’re not into reading too much then take a listen to your favorite Cumulus Broadcasting Radio Station to follow the adventures of Stan and Phil, ardent parks advocates who have numerous humorous encounters throughout the parks.

Yes January can be cold, and colder, but there’s plenty of things to do to pass the time until Spring when you Picture Yourself in Winnebago County Parks & Sunnyview Expo Center.

Waukau Creek is especially pretty in the snow.



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