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You can now sign up for the 2019 Wisconsin Landscape Pesticide Registry. You must enroll by February 1, 2019 to be included in 2019’s registry.

If you've ever been outside when someone is spraying lawn chemicals, you'll want to be sure you get on this registry. It's typically a smelly affair. Photo by Jason Lugo/E+/Getty Images.

If you’ve ever been outside when someone is spraying lawn chemicals, you’ll want to be sure you get on this registry. It’s typically a smelly affair and dangerous for your lungs and nasal passages. Photo by Jason Lugo/E+/Getty Images.

What is the Wisconsin Landscape Registry?

If you are a Wisconsin resident and you register your property, you will be notified 12 hours before commercial pesticide applicators apply pesticides to neighboring property. Using the Registry, requires you list the properties you want to be notified about. Then companies check that list against their lists of customers.

  • Parcels must be located on your block of residence or an immediately adjoining block.
  • You may list your own address if you live in an apartment, condo or similar development and you do not hire the pesticide application business servicing the property.
  • The Registry does not apply to agricultural property, utility or roadside right-of-way areas and pest control applications made around building foundations.
  • Incomplete, incorrect and ineligible addresses will be excluded from the registry.

When you get the phone call from the pesticide applicator, you will have the opportunity to find out what kind of pesticide they will be spraying and when. It is a good time to remind them not to over-spray into your yard or gardens. I also have, from time to time, met the applicators outside when they are spraying to make sure they know where the lot lines lie.

What are the steps to follow to register your property?

If you have never registered before, go to Landscape Registry to create an account. Then follow the steps below. If you have registered before and you are simply making your annual update:

  1. Log into using the email and password you created last year. If you do not remember your password, click the “Forgot Password?” link to reset it.
  2. Click on the Registries / Lists” tab.
  3. Click the “Landscape Registry” link. A video with instructions for signing up online is linked from this page.
  4. On the screen “1. Applicant Information” verify your contact information and home address are correct. A valid phone number is required.
  5. For screen “2. Additional Addresses” you may enter a mailing address if yours is different than your home address, e.g. PO Box.
  6. Register properties you want advanced notice of on screen “3. Select Parcels.” Properties registered last year will be listed below the map. Confirm each address that you want to continue receiving advanced notice. Add or delete properties as desired. To register new properties start by entering your home address in the pop up box and a blue dot will be placed on the map in front of your home. Register notification properties by clicking the “Add Parcel from Map” or “Add Parcel Manually” button, and then enter the address. Do this for each property you want to register. Click on the map to get address information for parcels. After adding your parcels click submit.
  7. Your registration will be confirmed on screen, “4. Complete”. You can then log out. You will receive a confirmation email that lists each property that you register.
  8. You can log into your MyDATCP account until the Feb. 1 deadline and repeat these steps to add more properties.
Example of small, red and white sign used by landscape sprayers to indicate area has been sprayed with insecticide. Image courtesy of

Example of small, red and white sign used by landscape sprayers to indicate area has been sprayed with insecticide. Image courtesy of

By when do you need to register?

Sign up by the February 1 deadline to be included in the annual registry. You can register either on-line or request a printed copy of the application from and return the completed form via USPS mail. If you no longer want advanced notification, no action is required.

This notice was taken in part from the LandscapeRegistryParticipants for Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection annual notice to register.

For more information, go to Landscape Registry.

Pesticide application sign. Photo courtesy of Mother Earth News (


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