Racket Fest releases Spotify preview playlist


Water City Racket Fest has unveiled a new Spotify music station featuring songs from many of the band performing at the Feb. 23 and 24 event at the Algoma Club in downtown Oshkosh.  Music from DUSK, the Snowbirds, Redhawks, Auralai, and other great bands is featured on the 21 song playlist. 2018 Racket Fest is brought to you by the Fifth Ward Brewing Company and will feature craft beers from Oshkosh’s newest brewery.

Racket Fest 2018 Spotify Playlist (the playlist is also available by searching in the Spotify app using Water City Racket Fest 2018)

(we recommend using Spotify only as a source to find new music, and to directly support the sounds and artist you like by purchasing their music)


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