Prospective Oshkosh Mayor and Common Council candidates pull papers


Spring elections in 2019 will potentially see a challenge to Mayor as well as a familiar returning face to the Common Council.  Through Monday, December 10, the following individuals have pulled nomination papers at city hall:

–MAYOR (elect 1):  Steve Cummings (Incumbent), Deb Allison-Aasby, Lori Palmeri

L to R: Cummings, Palmeri, Allison-Aasby

–COMMON COUNCIL (elect 3):  Tom Pech(Incumbent), Jake Krause (Incumbent), Deb Allison-Aasby (Incumbent), and Bob Poeschl.

Dates: Primary election date is set for February 19 (2019), with the general election April 2.

Interested parties have until 5pm on January 2, 2019 to submit nomination papers with the required signatures.

Points of Interest:

— If Allison-Aasby were to win both mayor and council bids, she would most likely accept the mayor spot, leading to an appointment of a council rep for the spot she won but would relinquish.  Allison-Aasby has reportedly been cleared to run for both spots simultaneously.

— Palmeri currently sits as deputy mayor but is not up for re-election. If she wins her bid for mayor, the council would again be in the position to appoint a council rep to fill the spot she vacates.

— Poeschl previously served multiple terms on the common council, including defeating current Mayor Cummings on his initial bid for common council.  Poeschl currently sits as an elected official on the school board.

— Pech has shared that he recently had a change in work requiring greater travel outside of Oshkosh.  As one of the longest sitting elected officials on the council, it will be interesting to see if he submits re-election papers.

— Kris Larson had not pulled papers as of Monday, but multiple parties close to the downtown entrepreneur have suggested that he is seriously considering a run.  He was unavailable for comment.

Nomination papers are due in the Clerk’s Office by Wednesday, January 2, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.


Images courtesy of city of Oshkosh


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  1. Nathalie Moore on

    What does “pulled nomination papers” mean? It sounds like removing from race but the article sounds like entering the race.

  2. Justin R. Mitchell

    Potential candidates must “pull nomination papers” from city hall and collect signatures from constituents, meeting a minimum number of proper signatures to be able to run for office. Without meeting this requirement, the potential candidate will not appear on the ballot.

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