Pet Food Pantry Opens in Oshkosh


On the latest edition of Eye on Oshkosh, host Cheryl Hentz is joined by Carmen Scott, marketing and communications manager for NEW PAWSibilities Dog Rescue & Shelter in Oshkosh. One of the main topics of discussion was the RUFF Times Food Pantry that NEW PAWS just opened in January. There are some people who have fallen on “ruff” times and find themselves unable to feed their dog(s), and because of that consider surrendering them. Because no one should have to surrender a family member because of what is – in most cases – a temporary situation, NEW PAWS has started a food pantry from which those folks in need can get the food necessary to feed their beloved furry family members.

Also discussed during the hour is why the majority of NEW PAWS dogs come from Kentucky and how people can help support the rescue – whether it be by donating to the food pantry to help those in need, by making some other financial or in-kind donation, or by volunteering to help them with many of their events and activities, or just around the rescue/shelter itself.

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