Passenger Pigeon Award Presented to Local Naturalist


     The Wisconsin Society for Ornithology (WSO) recently presented the Bronze Passenger Pigeon Award to local naturalist, Anita Carpenter, at their annual convention. Anita was one of four recipients to receive the 2019 award.

     The Wisconsin Society for Ornithology is a statewide organization devoted to promoting the enjoyment and conservation of birds. WSO presents Passenger Pigeon Awards to recognize individuals and organizations for outstanding achievements in advancing bird conservation, promoting the field of ornithology and contributing to the Society.

     The Bronze Passenger Pigeon Award is presented to individuals who have made outstanding contributions in their local communities or in the state to promote the field of ornithology.

     The plaque Anita received reads:  For your outstanding contributions in your local community and across the state to promote the study and enjoyment of birds.

     Anyone who has met this woman knows that her enthusiasm for birds and all critters is contagious. To take a walk in the woods or through a prairie with her is an eye-opener when it comes to discovering the tiniest insects and finding the birds flitting about in the tree tops. She readily shares her wealth of knowledge and curiosity about the natural world.

     Anita has been a member of WSO for many years. Locally, she has been a Winnebago Audubon member since it was formed in 1981, serving as Vice-president, President and a Director, a position she currently holds.

     She is author of both “Flight Feathers”, a bimonthly column in WSO’s The Badger Birder and “Badger Tracks” column that has appeared in the Winnebago Audubon newsletter The Lake Flyer for 38 years. In addition, she authored numerous articles in the DNR’s Natural Resources Magazine for many years.

     Naturally, she is a member of the group that promoted that the City of Oshkosh become a Bird City and has served on the steering committee for Oshkosh Bird Fest for the past 9 years.

     Currently, you will find her volunteering on the campus of UW Oshkosh, working with the grounds supervisor on natural landscaping and numerous ways to make the campus even more bird- and insect-friendly.


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Janet Wissink

Janet Wissink is currently president of Winnebago Audubon, chair of Oshkosh Bird Fest planning committee, and co-coordinator of Project SOAR (Snowy Owl Airport Rescue). She loves bird watching, prairies and exploring the natural world.

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