Owls, Up Close


     Winnebago Audubon is very pleased to host Pat Fisher from The Feather Wildlife Rehab/Education Center in New London. Pat will be bringing, Spark, a Snowy Owl, to visit us. Spark is one of her educational birds because he suffered a wing injury in December of 2018 that could not be repaired to allow him to be released back into the wild. In addition to Spark, Pat hopes to bring a Saw-whet Owl and a Great Horned Owl. As educational ambassadors to the public, these fascinating birds serve to remind us of the importance of conservation and the ecology of owls and Wisconsin wildlife.

     The program will be held on Sunday, January 26, 1:30 pm at the Coughlin Center, 625 E. County Road Y, Oshkosh. It is free to Winnebago Audubon members, but there is a FEE FOR NON-MEMBERS of $3.00 per person.

     Please note: If the weather is not good, we will reschedule the program to Sunday, February 16. Check our Facebook page, website, or text/call: 920-216-1172 if questionable.

Photo of Spark, a Snowy Owl, courtesy of The Feather Wildlife Rehab/Education Center. 


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Janet Wissink

Janet Wissink is currently president of Winnebago Audubon, chair of Oshkosh Bird Fest planning committee, and co-coordinator of Project SOAR (Snowy Owl Airport Rescue). She loves bird watching, prairies and exploring the natural world.

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