Oshkosh’s Dynasty to return for one night of music


When: Saturday, April 20, 2019
Time: Music at 8:30pm
Where: Reptile Palace, 141 High Ave, Oshkosh

The Dynasty has been in hibernation for the last three years and is ready to venture out of their cave for one night packed with original rock ‘n’ roll from Oshkosh and Milwaukee.

The place is the Reptile Palace, Oshkosh’s iconic rock ‘n’ roll dive bar complete with Iron Maiden pinball.

Joining the Dynasty for the evening is the Hughes Family Band from Milwaukee, which includes former Oshkosh rocker Conner LaMue (Midwest Charm, Sleepwalkers, Redhawks).  Also playing the night is Oshkosh’s Present Age and Redshift Headlights.

Who is the Dynasty? A formidable collection of musicians from Oshkosh’s rich indie scene, each playing regularly in their own bands. The sound harkens a 1999 indie rock band drawing on influences from emo, math rock, post-hardcore, and noise fusion.

Here are the players (pictured left to right):

  • Nathaniel Frank: Guitar and Drums. Nathaniel plays with the Wisconsin Magic and played bass with Spy vs Spy as well as drums in The Academic Process.
  • Jay Spanbauer: Drums and Guitar. Jay plays with The Wisconsin Magic, Spy vs Spy and Redshift Headlights, and toured for a summer with the Dead Horses.
  • Dean Hoffman: Bass and Vocals. Dean is the primary songwriter for Spy vs Spy, and also plays bass with Redshift Headlights. He has played with Southside Stranglers, The Willis, Cookie Bug, and Lost Toothbrushes.
  • Eric Van Thiel: Vocals and Guitar. Eric plays with the Haunted Heads the the Lemurs, and has played with past bands including The Willis and Shelf Life.

The show is free. The Dynasty is playing second in the lineup.

Oh, and it is 4/20.

Banner images by Northern Mantle and the OI.


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