Oshkosh Transit amends route 9 serving southwestern part of city


Route 9 effective 1/1/19

Oshkosh Transit has updated Route 9 effective January 1, 2019, with service no longer provided on 20th between Oakwood and Washburn.

This change to the route was implemented to provide improved service to the Outlet Mall and businesses in the industrial park.

Route 9 will deviate to the YMCA and Traeger twice in the morning at 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM. It will also deviate once in the afternoon at 4:00 PM. At any other time during the service day, a passenger may request to be dropped off at the YMCA/Traeger. For pick-up, the passenger can call the office and dispatch will radio the driver the information.


images courtesy of GO Transit


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