Oshkosh Soup That Will Bowl You Away (Part II)


Hot soup on a cold day is what winter dreams are made of. Enjoy this tasty list of delicious soups recommended by Oshkosh locals.

(check out Soups Pt I here: http://www.oshkoshindependent.com/oshkosh-soups-that-will-bowl-you-away/)

Bangkok Thai | Pho Noodle

Becket’s | Clam Chowder

Matt: How did the soup lose its job?
Mark: I don’t know. How?
Matt: It got canned!

Chalice | Mushroom Soup

Doctor Benzies Pizza | Chili, Minestrone, Chicken dumpling

Dublin’s Irish Pub | Irish Stew

Fox River Brewing Company | White Chicken Chili (insider tip: try it in the tortilla bowl)

Customer: Waitress, my soup tastes funny.
Waitress: Then why aren’t you laughing?

Gardina’s | French Onion

Ground Round at River’s Edge | Chicken Tortilla

Mahoney’s | Carrot Bisque

How do you turn soup into gold? Add 14 carrots

Pilora’s Cafe | Beer Cheese Soup

Planet Perk | Chicken Enchilada

The Roxy | Chicken Dumpling (the cure for the common cold and an empty stomach), German Chowder

by Paige Owens


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