Oshkosh Main Street Music Fest 2019: A sneak preview


The Festival kicks off July 24, 2019 with five days of live music in downtown Oshkosh

With a little less than three weeks to go, the Oshkosh Main Street Music Festival (OMSMF) has subtly been building excitement for the annual downtown Oshkosh music fest through daily announcements and hints at what fans can expect.

Here’s a sneak preview of what we know now for dates and bands:

DATES: July 24 – 28, 2019.

As with past years, Wednesday evening (7/24) is expected to be light, with only a few live sets. Sunday (7/28) will also be light, most likely just celebrating the Jazz Orgy at Fletch’s.

The bulk of the music will take place Thursday through Saturday, with more than 100 hours of live music planned.


OMSMF has slowly offered a preview of their scheduled 2019 acts, and below we’ve listed fourteen of the bands we know so far (set times to be announced in the coming days). Stay tuned as many more are yet to be announced:

Veseria. Photo courtesy of Veseria.

Veseria (Indianapolis) – Saturday @ Barley & Hops patio. Rhythmically driving with a classic rock feel accompanied by artfully-crafted horn lines and anchored by formidable vocals that hit you over the head with musical intensity

Sun Stereo. Photo courtesy of Sun Stereo.

Sun Stereo (Urbana, IL) – Saturday @ Fletch’s. Acoustic and electronic elements blend with vocal harmonies, electronic soundscapes, creative lyrics, and a funk your face off horn section.

Horace Greene. Photo courtesy of Horace Greene.

Horace Greene (Oshkosh) – Friday @ Barley & Hops patio. Think 3 parts danceable synth-pop, 2 dashes of psychedelia, and a punch of garage funk.

Cool Waters Band. Photo courtesy of OMSMF.

Cool Waters Band (Appleton) – Friday @ Peabody’s Main Stage. OMSMF staple Cool Waters Band delivers classic southern rock with a bit of good feelings.


ASUMAYA (Madison) – Saturday @ Barley & Hops patio. A single throat and four appendages attempting to multiply like cells. Loops and limbs. Mbira and Bass. A polyrhythmic, mono-member musical entity.

Fresh Hops. Photo courtesy of OMSMF.

Fresh Hops (Indiana) – Saturday @ Fletch’s. Bluegrass with bits of funk and rock. The band returns to OMSMF as a favorite of the local jamband scene.

Good Night Gold Dust. Photo by Northern Mantle.

Good Night Gold Dust (Mankato, MN) – Saturday @ Barley & Hops patio.
Hazy electronica, booming percussion, and wall-of-sound guitar. Their catchy songwriting is anchored around intense vocals that blend beauty, anger and hopefulness.

Kyle Menga & the Monsoons. Photo courtesy of OMSMF.

Kyle Menga & the Monsoons (Appleton) – Friday @ Peabody’s Main Stage. Swanky musical energy blending influences of jazz, blues, rock and folk with some of the Valley’s most talented musicians.

The Lately. Photo courtesy of the Lately.
Stalgic. Photo courtesy of OMSMF.

Stalgic (Green Bay) – Saturday @ Twisted Roots. Four piece alternative emo-rock outfit built on Nintendo 64 and a swamp mix of early 2000s indie vibe

The Lately (Appleton) – Friday @ Barley & Hops patio. Modern alternative rockers with heavy doses of Americana and southern rock.

Feed the Dog. Photo courtesy of OMSMF.

Feed the Dog (Oshkosh/Appleton) – Saturday @ Peabody’s Main Stage. High energy jam grass band featuring fiddle and finger pickin’ acoustic goodness .

Redshift Headlights. Photo courtesy of OMSMF.

Redshift Headlights (Oshkosh) – Saturday @ Barley & Hops patio. Lyrical intensity meets creative indie rock craftsmanship, highlighted by rhythmic complexion and the ever constant barrage of layered horn, synth, and guitar atmosphere.

Between the Low. Photo courtesy of Between the Low.

Between the Low (Appleton) Saturday @ Barley & Hops (inside). Two-piece “metalodic” band heavy on intense harmonies, attacking drums and guitaring that might get you hurt.

Stay tuned for a full preview in the next two weeks!


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