Oshkosh Independent announces plans to publish magazine


The Oshkosh Independent, which has been publishing as an online magazine since 2015, will produce a companion print publication starting in November.

The Oshkosh Independent Magazine (or Oshkosh IM) is based on the idea that Oshkosh is a city on the rise and that local residents and businesses deserve to have a locally owned and operated media company bringing them news and information. It will initially appear five times a year and will be available through free distribution at local drop-off points and through targeted mailing.  Readers will also be able to purchase an annual subscription for just $22.

The new magazine will be published in the months of February, April, June, August and November, with a publication date for the inaugural issue planned for November 17, 2017.

“Our online news coverage, which has focused on local government, community issues and organizations, and the arts and music scene, has been well received and demonstrated that there is a real demand for more,” said Justin R. Mitchell, the founding editor of the Oshkosh Independent, who will serve as business manager and creative director for the print magazine.

“Oshkosh IM will build on these coverage areas and add an extra dimension,” said Miles Maguire, who will be editor. “We envision a lively, people-oriented approach that will help our readers become fully informed about the issues that matter most to the future of Oshkosh.”

The name Oshkosh IM has been selected to shorten the magazine’s title while maintaining a brand identification with the Oshkosh Independent website. “When readers say ‘Oshkosh I am,’ we hope it conveys a sense of belonging to the community,” Maguire said. IM can also refer to a messaging technology that is valued for the way it makes direct connections, which is part of what the magazine is about.

Advertising rates have been set at a very affordable level because the magazine’s goal is to be a resource that serves both new and established businesses and organizations in the Oshkosh area.  Because of the connections that the magazine is able to make, it can help its clients get their message beyond their Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

To learn more about advertising opportunities, including special rates for the inaugural issue, write to oshkoshindependentsales@gmail.com.

If you have story ideas or other content suggestions, write to oshkoshIM@gmail.com.

For more information about advertising opportunities through the Oshkosh Independent, visit www.oshkoshindependent.com/advertise.

The Oshkosh Independent will continue publishing daily content at www.oshkoshindependent.com.



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Miles Maguire

Miles Maguire is the author of Advanced Reporting: Essential Skills for 21st Century Journalism. He was the founding editor of the Oshkosh Community News Network, a nonprofit online news organization whose work was cited as a notable innovation in journalism in the 2005 Knight-Batten Awards. Send questions, comments and suggestions to miles.maguire@yahoo.com.

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