Oshkosh Entrepreneur launches Trump Roast game on Inauguration Day


Oshkosh, WI – “It’s a joke!” says Drew Mueske, founder of HYPE Creative, in response to what he thinks of the new POTUS. This statement has probably been said by millions of Americans, yet for this entrepreneur, creativity and talent surpassed frustration and the idea for Trump Roast emerged.

Trump Roast is a tasteless party game where players choose Trump’s “position” to ridiculous policy questions by selecting from a variety of Trump quotes, statements and tweets. A rare cut of stupidity and humor, the game is easy to play, yet sometimes tough to swallow.
Even though playing the game might leave you feeling a bit anxious, after all, how many Trump statements don’t leave you feeling that way? You will feel good about supporting creative resistance and women’s reproductive health education. Lady Parts Justice, a non-profit organization, founded by comedian Lizz Winstead, benefits from twenty percent of the proceeds generated from sales of the Trump Roast game. “I want to elevate and support organizations who advocate for women’s rights, the environment and education,” says the creator of Trump Roast. “ Twenty percent of the proceeds of each sale will be donated to Lady Parts Justice.”
Play the game that uses Donald’s “best words” to create your own fun. Trump Roast games are limited edition games that will be screen-printed in Wisconsin with original artwork. Pre-sales of the game will end February 20th (President’s Day) with game production to follow. You can learn more and get a sneak peek at the cards at www.trumproastgame.com or follow along on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. For more information, call 414-973-9669 or email bestwords@trumproastgame.com.
Meat the Game
Trump Roast is the finest filet to ever see the light of day! Born with a golden meat fork and over aged to imperfection. The crusty outer facade is artificially-flavored with agent orange, marinated in filthy spoils, then stuffed with a pasty white blend of privilege, pride and power and wrapped in golden ignorance. This rancid old Roast is racy, raw and disgusting but the Russian mobsters and their friends have us chained to the dinner table and are forcing this tasteless meat down our throats.
The game is on, let’s get this party started!

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