Oshkosh Corp. move could cost 600 jobs


If Oshkosh Corp. moves its headquarters out of town, the cost would be 593 jobs and more than $59 million in lost earnings, City Manager Mark Rohloff said Friday.

These numbers, higher than earlier estimates, are based on an analysis conducted by the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission at the request of city staff, Rohloff said.

The headquarters staff numbers just 450, but the additional jobs would be lost “at other businesses in our community that support Oshkosh Corp. through its supply chain or provide goods and services to its employees,” he said.

The biggest losses would be in companies that provide professional and technical services, according to the analysis, which is based on an economic impact modeling program from Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. Other sectors that would be affected include health care, insurance, food services, accommodations and government.

On the positive side, if the company were to build a new headquarters in Oshkosh, it would add to its own staff and induce other companies to hire 64 new employees. These moves would boost headcount by 264 and local earnings by $26 million, Rohloff said.

The company has indicated an interest in building on part of the waterfront property used by the Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course. Supporters of the golf course have mounted a strong campaign against such a plan, but many business and community leaders have thrown their weight behind the proposal.

Oshkosh has indicated that Lakeshore is the only site it is looking at in the city and that other alternatives would mean moving its headquarters, possibly out of state.

The city has scheduled public information and input sessions for next week about the future of Lakeshore. It has also opened a website for public comment.

Photo: Oshkosh Corp. is planning to build a new headquarters to replace its offices on Oregon Street.





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  1. “Cemeteries and golf courses…the two biggest wastes of real estate known to man.”

    — Rodney Dangerfield in “Cadyshack”

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