Oshkosh Common Council Elections: Jake Krause

Jake Krause

On April 2, Oshkosh voters will elect three candidates to serve on the Oshkosh Common Council. The OI has connected with four of the five council candidates to provide a short profile of each.

Oshkosh Common Council Candidate: Jake Krause

Web: www.facebook.com/KrauseforOshkosh

Current Profession: Oshkosh Corporation  Materials Coordinator  UAW local 578 member

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Steve Cummings and Lori Palmeri

Education: Berlin High School

Elected Public Service: 
– Oshkosh City Council: Incumbent, 2017 to present

– RE-Think Healthy of Winnebago County
– Winnebago County Wheelchair wash
– Oshkosh Fire Dept. Annual Food and Toy Drive for the Salvation Army

(OI) List two specific and concrete programs / policies / initiatives that the city needs to change that you will be advocating for if elected to serve the next two years on the council: 

Free busing for kids to and from school during the academic school year.  Equally funded by the city of Oshkosh and the Public school system. I feel that children now days have more challenges than ever.  Getting to and from school should not be one of them.  This will have little impact on either the city or school budget and should of been a issue resolved long ago.  As a city we need to take care of the most important citizens the children and get this done.

Restrict and ban all vaping and sale of vaping products to minors. Currently the law is that no vaping is allowed if containing nicotine if under the age of 18.  The issue is not all vaping products contain nicotine making it impossible for law enforcement to enforce this ordinance.  If there was a ban on vaping and sale of related products to minors this issue would be resolved. 

(OI) Identify one gap that exists in the city that warrants considerable attention and work from the city and what is your position on what needs to happen:

There are many issues that need attention in our city.  The list is long.  But as an elected official and citizen of Oshkosh my main purpose and goal is to help the people that need the help the most.  The economically/socially challenged for whatever reason be it mental health, loss of a loved one or racial inequality. 

I feel we all deserve a seat at the table and an equal voice in Oshkosh.  We have made strides in equality and being a more inclusive city but we deserve better and so do our future generations.   This will not be achieved overnight but if we all just take a little more time to be kind to people that don’t exactly fit our own economic, gender, ethnic mold that would be a great start to a more inclusive city to all that call Oshkosh home.

(OI) Why will you be an effective representative of the citizens of Oshkosh:

I feel like I represent the majority of what Oshkosh is and why its a great place to call home. I am a 20 year resident of the city. My wife and I just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary and we have 3 small children.

I am employed at Oshkosh Corp. and a proud member of the local UAW 578  for the past 15 years. My wife is a nurse. We are everyday Oshkosh.  I care and love Oshkosh. Its where I’m raising my family and its the city that I hope I can leave in better shape than when I found it. That was my motivation when I first decided to run for Oshkosh City Council and I feel the exact same way today. I’m here to try to make Oshkosh a better home for all of us and will do everything I can to make it happen with the guidance of its people. We are all in this together.

visit www.oshkoshindependent.com for profiles of four of the council candidates and the two mayor candidates. one council candidate did not respond to multiple requests.


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