Oshkosh Common Council Elections: Bob Poeschl

Bob Poeschl

On April 2, Oshkosh voters will elect three candidates to serve on the Oshkosh Common Council. The OI has connected with four of the five council candidates to provide a short profile of each.

Oshkosh Common Council Candidate: Bob Poeschl

Current Profession: For the last 7 years I have been employed with the Oshkosh Housing Authority as a property manager

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Steve Cummings and Lori Palmeri

Education: Bachelors of Science (Religious Studies) from University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Elected Public Service: 
– Oshkosh City Council: 2009 – 2014
– Oshkosh Area School District Board of Education: currently serving my first 3-year term

 In the past two years I have been a volunteer with Growing Oshkosh, assisting with onsite maintenance at the farm, and supporting the expansion of food and flower gardens at our schools and non-profit organizations. 

As a parent, I have volunteered my time at my children’s schools and extracurricular activities.

Finally I have been active in the strategic planning and fundraising activities at the church that my family belong to.

(OI) List two specific and concrete programs / policies / initiatives that the city needs to change that you will be advocating for if elected to serve the next two years on the council: 

First , I will work locally to increase the minimum wage to $11.00-$13.00 over the next two years, then to gradually increase to a living wage within 6 years. This would be an important step to decreasing levels of poverty that exist within our community.  The city would need to build a coalition of businesses that are willing to lead the way by taking this on.

Secondly, I believe that the city needs to takes better steps to making Oshkosh a more welcoming community by embracing diversity and equity.  This is not just a community event here are there. This is our city manager and council members being more present in our cultural communities.  Inviting them to provide their input through our commissions and committees.  Our community wants to believe that city is going to provide supports and services in a way that is equal across the board.

(OI) Identify one gap that exists in the city that warrants considerable attention and work from the city and what is your position on what needs to happen:

I believe that the Oshkosh community needs to provide free bus rides to the school age children of Oshkosh during the school year minimally. I think the easiest way to make this happen is to look at funding priorities.

For example, the Taking Root program was funded by the annual Capital Improvement Plan to fund the planting of trees throughout Oshkosh for many years.  Planting trees isn’t much different  from providing bus rides to children because you are encouraging them to be mobile, independent and self sufficient, in essence helping them grow in Oshkosh.

So continually pledging to support would be a start.  Maintaining a strong coalition of organizations that already use resources in this area. Pass a resolution that makes it so.

(OI) Why will you be an effective representative of the citizens of Oshkosh:

I have the history of using my skill set of community organizing to create multiple avenues where citizens feel enriched to be involved in the Oshkosh community. I have a thorough understanding of how government works and have the ingenuity to strive to have city government be more representative of the Oshkosh Community

visit www.oshkoshindependent.com for profiles of four of the council candidates and the two mayor candidates. one council candidate did not respond to multiple requests.


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