Old Fashioned Oshkosh – Glass Nickel Pizza Co.


My Friday friends were game for a pizza night and Glass Nickel was our place. I mean come on, who doesn’t want free nickel nuggets while having a brandy old fashioned?

The bartender asked if we wanted talls, with a slight laugh. Of course! He added 1 maraschino cherry and 1 slice of orange to the pint glass. He then used a loose sugar container and poured about 1 tablespoon into the glass followed by 4 shakes of bitters. This was an exact science as he muddle each glass with 5 grinds. Then came the ice and about 3 or so shots of Wisconsin Club brandy. The drink was topped off with a fair amount of soda and mixed in a shaker.

The drink was a bit sweet – the exact scientific recipe could be redacted to only using 1 teaspoon of sugar, a couple of more shakes of bitters and a bit more brandy for the tall version. Even so, it was tasty and a great presentation. The bartender was very fun and engaging, but I switched from the old fashioned. It just didn’t go well with pizza! Unfortunately, I don’t know the price of this drink.

If you’re in the mood for an old fashioned and pizza, I’d recommend Glass Nickel.

Rating (out of 5 olives)

Glass Nickel Pizza Co.
2407 Jackson Street

Banner photo by Jennifer Newlin


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