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The Oshkosh live music scene comes alive this weekend with the 5th installment of the Oshkosh Main Street Music Fest. What you’ll get is a tremendous atmosphere in the historic downtown Oshkosh setting, mixed with many talented musicians and music lovers.  What you won’t get is band after band performing other band’s music – a vast majority of the show features original music.  Original, creative, and fun.

Here’s our recommendations:

Go to their FB page, give them a thumbs up, and check out some of the event / venue / band info.

1. If you are over 21, be sure to sample the Main Street Music Ale from Oshkosh’s own Bare Bones Brewery.  Yep – a beer just for the festival.  I overheard that any leftovers will have to be fed to Menominee Park geese, so best we do our part to prevent that from happening*.

2. Let your boss know you’ll be venturing out of work just a bit early.

3. THURSDAY:  Plan to tour the sites tonight to get a feel of the land.  Barley & Hops features a new-ish outdoor setting that many of you have yet to experience.  The whole place at Fletches is new (yet historic).  Twisted Roots is new to the live music scene.  Take a look at what they’ve done with Peabody’s for the fest.  Stop in and say hi at Jambalaya, and finish the evening on a loud note at the Reptile Palace.

4. FRIDAY First:  Music on the main stage starts at 4pm, and it will a pretty stellar line up featuring a blend of Oshkosh music and acts from beyond Wisconsin.  Oshkosh’s Redshift Headlights opens at 4pm, with Me Like Bees taking the stage at 6pm.  Wild Adriatic is on at 7:30pm, and Oshkosh’s own Traveling Suitcase wraps up the night at 9pm.  Be there.

5. FRIDAY Second:  Just to toy with you, the organizers scheduled Traveling Suitcase, one of our favorites, at the same time as DUSK, one of our Appleton favorites.  DUSK plays at Fletches at 9:15pm.  They are the ice fishers in the banner image of this post as well. Maybe there is a rooftop between the two venues that you could listen to each band. This is hard.

6. SATURDAY AM:  We have always had admiration for the good folks in Copper Box, and that they are performing as a trio at the Farmers Market means we should all go and buy some produce.

7. SATURDAY:  We are playing a little pinball with this lineup.  First, we’re heading to Barley & Hops for a dose of feel good summer sounds with Nature the Band at 3pm.  Then we’re running to Peabody’s main stage to catch the last half of Nordlund, and we’re staying for Auralai (another one of our favorites).  They’re wooing audiences from 5pm – 6:15pm.  Next we’re heading to Twisted Roots for Johnny Schober & Friends at 6:45pm.  We’re heading back to the Peabody’s main stage for our old friends the Dead Horses for their 8:20pm set.  We’ll wrap the night up at Fletches for a set from Armchair Boogie.

8. SUNDAY:  We’re old and will probably be sleeping.  But every single one of you really should venture down to Peabody’s for some late night Jazz Orgy.  9pm till who knows.


* For folks reading this and not understanding that this statement was false, it was false. Don’t give birds beer!


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