October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


There’s a lot to be thankful for in October. The humidity is gone, you can rock your favorite flannel again, pumpkin spice flavoring is everywhere and the Packers are back on TV. It’s also a month where we recognize breast cancer awareness and the millions of women (and men) that have battled this disease.
Graphic for achieving health and mental health equity at every level.You might think of primary care providers, or individual behavior choices when it comes to preventing breast cancer. But your public health department is focusing on the environment (structurally and socially) to make our communities healthier places to live, before you need a primary care physician (BARHII Framework).

Public health initiatives to decrease rates of breast cancer

What can you do?

While we understand that changing the environment is where our focus needs to be – that process takes more time and resources that the immediate actions you can take today. So we ask one major thing of you while to help with breast cancer prevention.

Increase cancer screenings. The Wisconsin Well Women’s Program not only promotes breast cancer awareness and screenings but can help with the financial costs of mammography. In 2017, Winnebago County enrolled 88 women, had 59 screened for breast cancer and diagnosed 2 cases of breast cancer. It could be your mom, sister, co-worker – we encourage you to talk to our staff about eligibility today. Call (920)727-8650, Text (920)249-5111 or fill out this online form and someone will contact you. View this video for a program description.

And that is why October, is the breast month ever

As you can see we’re working hard to change the tide on many different levels and with many different health access points. We are proud of our breast work and ready to raise the noise in October to celebrate all the success of breast cancer awareness. Tag us on Facebook or Twitter with @WinnebagoHealth telling us why you feel October is the #BreastMonthEver!

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