March 2015 Climate Summary for Oshkosh, Wisconsin


March continued the dry theme from February. However, on average, March was much warmer.

Bookend by cold shots, March showcased a string of eight days with temperatures greater than 50 degrees. It was our first true taste of the incoming season. The mid month warmth topped 60 degrees on two occasions, a temperature benchmark which had only been met six times since last October. Nearly all of the recorded precipitation for the month fell during the two cold shots. With a precipitation departure of 1.27 inches below average, March of 2015 finished 11th lowest in Oshkosh history. Currently the entire state is in some kind of drought situation. The state drought monitor can be found here.



The seasonal transition to spring often brings ice shoves to the shores of Lake Winnebago. Oshkosh was ousted from glory this year. Just a couple cutters (see feature image) compared to the mountain range in 2014. If there are any questions, comments, or suggestions on the material presented please leave a reply. Thanks for reading!

March OSNW3 Webcam Daily Noon Shot Animation

Webcam GIF of the OSNW3 precipitation observation station

+For more Oshkosh historical weather and climate data please visit OSNW3|OSHKOSH-NORTH.
+Photos and images courtesy of Josh Herman and the MRCC.


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