Make Summer Fun – Water, Air, Land & Sun


School is out and the Winnebago County Health Department (WCHD) wants to encourage your family to get outdoors and enjoy all the wonderful elements this region has to offer. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind as you start your summer fun.


  • Start with sun screen: SPF 15 or higher with UVA/UVB protection, water resistant, and apply often.
  • Use hats, sunglasses, or light clothing that covers the skin. This little barrier between direct rays and your skin can make a big difference.
  • Stay in the shade during midday hours.
  • That being said, the sun is a great source of Vitamin D and often lifts mood! Stick to small doses of exposure and don’t be fooled, tan skin is not healthy skin.


  • Contamination – blue-green algae blooms are common to the Midwest region and can be harmful to humans and pets. When in doubt, stay out.
  • Injury – wear life jackets. You may be confident in your ability to swim but accidents outside of your control happen. Be prepared and keep your life jacket on whenever possible.
  • Never leave children unattended in water- drownings can be silent and happen in just inches of water. Splash park safety is important too.
  • Hydration –the water around us is just as important as the water within us! Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. This should increase if you are active or in high temperatures.


  • Fresh air can help improve your mood in many ways. Make a goal to get outside for at least 30 minutes each day.
  • Don’t forget to pack your bug spray and long clothing in case mosquitos decide to join your festivities.


  • The outdoors are a wonderful place to explore but also hold potential health risks like poison ivy and ticks.
  • Using protective equipment like helmets and knee pads ensure that you’re staying strong and agile all summer long!

Now that you’re ready, get out and enjoy summer. Check out some of Winnebago County’s local trails and get the latest beach status (water quality) reports on our website. We also post tips and events on our Facebook Page like and share!

This article was prepared with source information from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.


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