Local Groups to Host a Community Conversation on Access to Transportation


On November 5, Fox Valley Thrives and ESTHER will be hosting a free event open to all community members to learn about two reports on transportation and hear from residents who have faced transportation challenges. The event’s organizers hope to gather a broad mix of transportation experiences and input at all stages of the transportation process at this event, including elected officials, residents, parents, and students. “We hope that by having everyone in the same room, we can help create robust discussion surrounding transportation in Oshkosh and come together on solutions informed by those impacted by transportation barriers,” said Adam BellCorelli, an Oshkosh resident involved in the event.

Fox Valley Thrives (a health equity alliance made of health departments, planners, and community organizers) and ESTHER (an interfaith community organizing nonprofit) have been examining the connection between access to transportation and access to opportunities around Oshkosh. From these collaborations and through extensive community input, including focus groups, surveys, and interviews, two reports have been released: Linking Health and Transportation: Voices of Oshkosh Walkers, Cyclists and Transit Users and How Will I Get to School: Public Transportation and 6-12 Students.

In these reports, there’s a clear theme: having a robust transportation system for those who do not have a vehicle or cannot drive is imperative to the well-being of many Oshkosh area residents, including students, employees, and retirees. For students, a lack of accessible, affordable transportation causes them to miss school, drop out of after school activities and experience increased anxiety. “These two reports underscore the importance of moving beyond a car-based system to support the needs of our community members with limited ability to access community resources,” said Lynnsey Erickson of the Winnebago County Health Department.

For those interested in attending, the event will be held at Fox Valley Technical College in room 133 at 4:05pm and will end no later than 5:25pm to accommodate those taking GO Transit Route 3 to the event.

Any questions regarding this event or the reports can be directed to edieringer@co.winnebago.wi.us


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