Legends Bar & Grill – Bloody Mary Review


I am at Legends Bar & Grill every Wednesday for volleyball so even though a bloody mary is typically a morning drink I decided to try the drink one evening while I was there.

 The bartender started out with Fleishmann’s Vodka and grabbed a tomato juice mix and added the 6-10-2015 10-02-56 AM
condiments. I assumed, since the tomato mix was in their own container it was something they created on their own. However when I asked, I was told the mix contained different ingredients such as A.1. Steak Sauce and Zing Zang bloody mary mix. So it does contain the same pre-mix that many other bars carry but the drink does stand out because they add parmesan cheese to the drink.
The drink did have an overall good taste and the right amount of spice. The paremsan cheese though gave it more of a textured, almost chunky taste that I couldn’t quite get around. That unique ingredient of parmesan cheese with the tomato reminded me of pizza or pasta which I didn’t like too much. If you are one who loves paremsan cheese though, this may be the perfect bloody mary drink for you.
Legends does have some good options on tap for the chaser and I had a Shock Top lemon shandy. Now that summer is here, I am finding a version of lemon shandy at most bars and have to recommend tyring it with the bloody mary drink. Especially if your bloody mary is spicy, it is a good complement to the drink.
They topped the drink with a lemon, lime, 2 olives and a pickle. The presentation was pretty typical of the drink, and was nothing special. Overall I didn’t love this drink, but I do think it is a unique version which I can appreciate.
(Rating 3 out of 5)
600 N Main St
Oshkosh, WI

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