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Feeling nostalgic, a friend and I decided to grab a bloody mary one morning at a local college bar Kelly’s. As alumni of the college it always feels like a time warp going to any of those bars; they look exactly the same but things are definitely different. There was not a single other person there on a Sunday morning which was OK with us since college student patrons probably would have made us feel even older.

6-16-2015 10-04-14 AMThe drink is made with rail vodka, pepper, celery salt, pickle juice, worcestershire sauce, hot sauce and tomato juice. A beef stick was added to the drink and the bartender did offer olives and a pickle but I decided to pass. So more extras are available for this drink than what is shown in my picture.

The drink was a good, standard bloody mary. Made from scratch and not using the pre-mix it had a good amount of spice and flavor. Kelly’s also has $1 frosty mugs on Sunday so we were able to get that as the chaser which was a nice extra. And to my surprise Kelly’s also had more than just the domestic beers on tap and I was able to order Leinenkugel Summer Shandy.

We decided to sit outside, which is a pretty drab little area with a couple of tables on asphalt surrounded by a fence. Definitely not great ambience and good reminder that we were in fact at a college bar so you can’t expect too much when it comes to bar experience. We did however enjoy our walk down memory lane.

Overall the drink was good and had good value, but the atmosphere in the day light wasn’t too appealing.
(Rating 2.5 out of 5)

219 Wisconsin St, Oshkosh, WI


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