June Rains In Oshkosh


My backyard is an inch away from the long-term Oshkosh precipitation average for the month of June.

We nearly topped the two inch mark for a 24 hour period ending June 12. A day that was cloudy and rainy throughout. Our measurement at OSNW3 was 1.99 inches. Other areas around the region measured more rainfall. For an animated radar loop of June 11-12, click here.

Daily Precipitation Map June 11-12, 2015

The month of June has had it’s fair share of daily deluges. The top is June 13, 2008. At OSNW3 we measured 5.32 inches of rainfall. June 13, 2008 was the 75 year flood. A whole months worth of precipitation fell in a matter of hours. In all of my years living in Oshkosh up to the event I had never witnessed that kind of flooding. 50% of the homes in the city experienced some sort of flood damage totaling an estimated $13 million. People were rafting down my street. A handful of photos from that day exist here.

20080612-13 Radar Loop

Oshkosh - Top Ten Precipitation Days - June

+For more Oshkosh historical weather and climate data please visit OSNW3|OSHKOSH-NORTH.
+Photos and images courtesy of Josh Herman and the MRCC.


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