Independent Racket Nights 6 at Fletch’s Dec 6


Fletch’s Tap House to host final show of season 1 on December 6, 2018

The final Independent Racket Nights show of season happens next week on Thursday.  As always, the show features an earlier start time for us older folk.  Music at 7:30pm, home by 11pm, and happy you were filled with some original rock ‘n’ roll goodness.


– The Present Age:  currently in studio working on a few new songs they will likely debut at Fletch’s, The Present Age has been fueling the original music spirit of Oshkosh for something like 5 years now.  And from what we can assess, they have a newfound energy that should translate into a solid show.  Studio material is focused on the melancholy, with hints of a summer’s day on a Brazilian beach, while the live shows unveil a bit of lively energy only otherwise hinted at.

– Tapebenders: Psychedelic space punk rock from Milwaukee.  Think, a drone flies through a hologram cloud, becomes a bird that grows into a rock ‘n’ roll dinosaur.  The Tapebenders are, therefore, dinosaurs.  And when is the last time you saw a dinosaur?   Comparisons help some – Mke’s Shepherd Express says the Tapebenders have the spirit of Built to Spill, while this place said the Tapebenders produce the music that you would get if the Flaming Lips raised a group of kids and they became a band managed by Billy Corgan.   

– Redshift Headlights: Vibes, guitar w/ lots of pedals, drums, second guitar, bass with occasional fuzzy pickle, keys, synth, drums, trumpet, singing, and infrequent timpani.  The 6-piece Oshkosh band released their 2nd album this past summer/fall.

The show is free, and will feature several craft beers from Bare Bones Brewing.

You can join the event here. The series is sponsored by The Exclusive Company, Offbeat Press, Bare Bones Brewing, the Oshkosh Independent, and the Oshkosh Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.

And that’s it.  Year 1 will be a wrap – 19 sets at 4 rotating venues.  Next on the schedule is the annual Water City Racket Fest in downtown Oshkosh Feb 14-16.  Stay tuned.


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