IF Hillary had WON


We are not even three months into the Trump Presidency. Don’t think things are going as well as he expected.

In a quiet moment while walking my dog through the raindrops recently, I pondered the question: What if Hillary has won on November 8? What would be different?

I have written in the past that these two were the worst Presidential candidates from major parties in my lifetime. Dick Nixon might be a close third.  He lost to John Kennedy in 1960. He came back to win in 1968. He was just as unlikable as Hillary and Trump. But his dishonesty and duplicity were not revealed until well after his inauguration.

He was forced to resign because of the Watergate scandal (That was actually the name of the building, but “gate” is now added to the end of any controversy). Had he not resigned, he would have become the first and only President to be impeached and convicted.

But what if the November 8th results were the rout for Hillary that the MSM predicted all along?

First, Republicans would not have rioted around the country on November 8 or in Washington on Inauguration Day. Or any other time. They would have accepted the election as the will of the American people.

She would have had her Cabinet approved by the Senate within hours of her inauguration, not weeks. Republican Senators believe a President should have leeway in choosing a Cabinet. But Chuck Schumer and his “part of NO” delayed the process, and then complained because the Trump administration was disorganized. “Win win” for Chuckles, it appears.

And her Cabinet would have been comprised almost entirely of rich, white men. Just like Trump’s.

The FBI would not be investigating Russians. But they would be Scrutinizing Chinese and other foreigners who donated to the Clinton Foundation in an effort to “pay for play.” And Congressional Republicans would be salivating for the chance to open an inquiry, just like the Democrats are doing now.

There probably would not be calls to Impeach Hillary – at this point. Calls to impeach Trump began before his inauguration, it seems. The framers of the Constitution carefully defined the grounds for impeachment as “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Despite attempts by rabid Democrats to make a case, I do not see one yet. Though not saying it could not happen.

Of course, articles of impeachment would have to be passed by the Republican House, and tried by the Republican Senate.

We would have Obama Care. OOPS! No change there.

Republicans would oppose any Supreme Court nominee proposed, whether Garland, Obama (Facebook “news” story from last fall) or anyone else. No change there, either.

It is a shame that the “nuclear option” was needed to approve Gorsuch. But, if Hillary had won, and had a 52-48 majority in the Senate, the Dems would have done the same thing. The Hypocrisy and whining by both parties is pitiful. And does not bode well for the future.

Women would not have marched in protest in DC and around the country on the day after the Inauguration. This despite the fact that Bill Clinton would be back in the White House, albeit as First Husband (man?). His assaults on women are as repulsive as Trump’s words last fall. But there were no protests in January, 1993. Nor would they have been marching in 2017.

Such hypocrisy! They target Trump, but ignore politicians of their own party, business leaders, athletes, union members, etc. who treat women the same way.

But women would rejoice that the “ultimate” glass ceiling had been broken. And the United States would be the 57th country in the world to have a female in that position.

Trump will not unify the country, any more than any of his recent predecessors did. The only time in this century that the country unified was for a short time after 09/11.  And I believe we can all agree we do not want another incident like that to bring us together.

Extremists on both ends of the political spectrum have no desire to come together. Most do not even want to engage in civil discussion with the other side.

Hillary certainly would not have unified us. She lacks the charm and charisma.

But there would have been one major change. The MSM would have been effusive in their praise of anything Hillary did as President. Their reaction now is to disparage anything Trump does.

For example, the attacks on Syria. The press vilifies the Trump administration for “not having a strategic plan in place.” In an interview, Hillary agreed that action needed to be taken. Her actions would have been praised as “necessary and courageous.” (or words to that effect).

I see that Hillary is out giving speeches. Why? She sounds like an embittered whiner. Just go home.

The party can’t see her as their leader, for she is the architect of the Democratic debacle of November 8th.

She is not credible as an advocate of women’s rights. She was an enabler for Bill, and attacked his victims.

Hillary, please go home and assume the role of grandmother. Your time in the spotlight is done. Time for Chelsea to assume the Clinton political mantle.


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