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Holidays Pub & Grill is a sports orientated place that offers great game day food and energy. Located in Neenah, this establishment has stadium seating in the dining room and a large bar you can expect to fill up pretty quickly on any big game day. These characteristics make this a fun spot to watch your favorite Wisconsin team.

The bloody mary was made with three ingredients besides vodka: Zing Zang pre-mix, celery salt and Worcestershire sauce. There was a little too much Worcestershire sauce for my taste and it made the drink bold but not spicy. A bloody mary usually has some kick to it, ranging from mild to hot, but this tasted of all the wrong strong spices and didn’t have a smooth after taste. With Zing Zang being such a great pre-mix, adding too much of an additional ingredient can be a risk.

Bloody Mary HolidaysThe drink was then topped with some standard garnishes of an olive, pickle, mushroom and celery. Holidays can boast a wide range of different beers on tap for the chaser which was the only thing that was better than some of the other places I have tried.

I am noticing three common factors in the bloody mary drinks throughout the area: Zing Zang pre-mix, celery salt and Worcestershire sauce which was the case as Holidays. Since the drink can be made so many different ways, it is a little disappointing to see it being made the same way at many of the places I’ve visited. If a bloody mary is being made the same way at different bars, it seems to me, the next best thing to make it stand out from the others is presentation. And this drink was lacking any unique or fun ways to dress up the drink. Holidays has great food and atmosphere, but if you are looking for a place to get a different and delicious bloody mary, this isn’t the spot.

(Rating 2.5 out of 5)

1395 W American Dr, Neenah, WI


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