Haunted Heads release new album and you need to hear it now


Everything We Agreed About available at Eroding Winds and Exclusive Company

Haunted Heads with Howl Street recording engineer Shane Hochstetler

Oshkosh indie rock heroes the Haunted Heads have released their 2nd full length album and 3rd release, with vinyl and cds available at the Exclusive Company and Eroding Winds, as well as at live shows and through their bandcamp page.

The band’s next scheduled Oshkosh show is on September 6 at the Reptile Palace as part of the Independent Racket Nights Series, sharing the stage with Holly & the Nice Lions from Green Bay and Oshkosh’s Solar Max.

Listen below to the track “Inside” off of Everything We Agreed About, and then go and buy their album.


Racket Fest Radio will also be featuring two songs from the album between July 18 and August 1.  The show airs on WOCT 101.9fm in Oshkosh on Wednesdays at 4:30pm and Saturdays at 8pm.


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