Election Day November 6, 2018


Today (Tuesday, Nov 6, 2018) is a major election day, with races for WI Governor, WI Attorney General, US Congress, and more.  Here is your Oshkosh ballot info.  Here is part 2 of our election series discussing the importance of the election.  Here is part 3 exploring the referenda, campaign surprises, and more.

TIMING:  Polls open at 7am and close at 8pm.  You are strongly advised to ARRIVE before 7:30pm to help provide enough time to address issues that may arise with documentation.  If you arrive at a late hour and are told you can’t vote due to an issue you won’t be able to resolve within the next 30 minutes, request a provisional ballot and vote.  You’ll then have a short window of days to provide the needed documentation.

VOTING LOCATION CHANGES:  Several sites have changed that you should be aware of:

WHERE DO I VOTE:  Enter your address here and you’ll be informed of your voting location.

WHAT IS ON MY BALLOT:  Here are the Oshkosh area elections and referenda on your ballot.

I MIGHT NEED TO REGISTER:  Registering is simply notifying the election system who you are and where you live to ensure you receive the correct ballot.  In WI, we have same-day registration, helping you to be able to vote.  If you are not registered, plan on taking 15-45 minutes to register.  Complaining won’t help, and you’re fortunate that this state has same-day registration.  The full list of acceptable items for registering can be found HERE.  Note that your phone screen may be able to produce the acceptable proof of residence such as a utility bill or bank statement.  If the poll worker says they can’t use your phone, ask for the lead poll worker.

I AM REGISTERED TO VOTE BUT MY PHOTO ID HAS THE WRONG ADDRESS:  That does not matter – photo ID is not related to address.  Rather, it simply is an additional step imposed by the state to ensure the voter has taken an unrelated step of obtaining a state-issued ID or other acceptable form of photo identification, which will now enable you to obtain a ballot to cast your vote.

WHAT TYPE OF PHOTO ID DO I NEED?  Here is the limited list of acceptable forms of photo identification.    If you do not have an acceptable form but are registered and arrive on time, request to cast a provisional ballot, and then head down to city hall the next day and provide the acceptable form of photo ID.

WHERE CAN I FIND ELECTION RESULTS:  Regular updates usually after 9pm election night occur here for Winnebago County voting.

WHAT ABOUT THE REFERENDUM QUESTIONS:  The county has provided explanations:




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