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This month we are featuring Spy vs Spy, a band consisting of a revolving door of Dean Hoffman’s friends rallying around his newest songs.  Spy vs Spy recently recorded their first album “Self Titled” at Honeytone in Neenah and was gracious to share a preview their sound.

Spy vs Spy will playing at  Water City Racket Fest on Friday, February 23, 2018 opening up the activities up in the Algoma Club in downtown Oshkosh at 7:30pm.

Spy vs Spy is:

  • Dean Hoffman – Guitar, Vocals
  • Eric Blumreich – Baritone Guitar
  • Jay Spanbauer – Drums
  • Jeremy Helbling – Guitar
  • Bill Grasley – Bass (recording)
  • Nathaniel Frank – Bass (live)

Album: “Self Titled” produced by Spy vs Spy, with assistance from Patrick Boland & Marty Brueggemann. Recorded and mixed at Honeytone in Neenah, WI.  Mastered by HM Mastering. Recorded spring 2017 and will be released December 2017. Engineered by Patrick Boland and Marty Brueggemann. Album Cover Art by Jason Hendricks

Download Day Track:  Be Kind, Rewind (Track #1)

To download, click on track link above.  If logged in to drop box and black screen player appears, right click and save as.  If not logged in, you can click the screen anywhere and can then click download from top right corner.


Where to purchase album: Will be made available for streaming and purchase on in December.

In their own words:  “We’re creating rock songs that we want to hear.”

On Spy vs Spy:

“You guys killed it, man!” – local area music fan verbalizing what would have been written if they were in the media.

“Wait, who?  – local sage.



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