Download Days 8: Red Shift Headlights


Inside Voices cover art, by Leif Larson

It has been some time since we’ve visited Download Days, and it seems as good of time as ever to dive back in.  Today we’re featuring Redshift Headlights, the latest musical incarnation of Midwestern dive-bar indie-rock veteran Stephen Michael McCabe.  The group’s debut album INSIDE VOICES represents a thoughtfully orchestrated musical experience that introduces ten different characters telling their each part of our united American story.

Redshift Headlights, on Inside Voices, is: Stephen McCabe: guitar, vocals, drums, all percussion, piano, keyboards, synthesizers; Timm Buechler: bass; Eric Van Thiel: background vocals; Stephanie Tschech: background vocals; strings: Andrew Mertens, Stephanie Tschech, Emily Selk Loper, Emma Young, Adria Ramos; horns/winds: JJ Verner, Mark Te Tai, Aaron Baer, Justin Mitchell, Eric Van Thiel

Featured Album: Inside Voices.  Produced by: Marc Golde, Stephen Michael McCabe, and Mark Miller. Vocals produced by Todd Farber and Eric Van Thiel. Recorded and Mixed at: Rock Garden Studio December 2015-March 2016. Released on: March 4, 2017.  Engineered by: Marc Golde. Album Cover Art by: Leif Larson.

Download Day Track name and # on album: “What I’d Like to Bring,” track 10



Where to purchase album: Wisconsin Exclusive Company, Eroding Winds (vinyl only),, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, all major digital music purveyors.

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