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hp4The June 2015 Wisco Download Days is upon us, this month featuring Oshkosh-based outfit Holly & Plastic.  The music is the product of Oshkosh Rock staple Andrew Johnson, who goes alone with Holly & Plastic, maintaining a dissonant rock sound synonymous with Johnson’s past endeavors but with greater openness and with a successful transition into the use of an acoustic guitar and other instrumentation.

Holly & Plastic is:

All songs and sounds: Andrew Johnson

For live full-band shows, the following members join Johnson: Alex Bruder, Josh Rankin and Kyle Straveler.

Album: “We Will Give This World Away”.  Produced by Andrew Johnson and Kyle Straveler. Recorded at Topsoil Studio, Oshkosh. Mastered by Tony Anders at Studio H in Appleton. Released June 2014 by double+good records, MN. “Let’s Leave Her Here” written by Jeff Mitchell.

Download Day Track:  “Block. State. Planet.” (# 5 on album)

To download, click on track link above.  Right click on black player screen and save as.


In their own words – on “Block. State. Planet”: “A Jeff DeGoey inspired song of comparisons between mental and physical distance.”

On Holly & Plastic:  “Gripping, hard-hitting underground rock/pop from Holly & Plastic, the moniker created by Andrew Johnson who listeners may already know for his connections with h. Chinaski and Happy Haunted Heads (both also on the Double Plus Good label). Holly & Plastic is a one man band in which Andrew writes all the songs and plays all the instruments and yet…these songs don’t have the sterile canned sound that is sometimes associated with solo recordings. Johnson has a cool knack for coming up with friendly catchy songs. Some are more pop oriented while others have a dense aggressive overall sound. This is a short album that clocks in at just under thirty minutes. But in that amount of time Andrew makes it perfectly clear that he is truly a voice to be reckoned with in 2014. Creative smart tracks include “Normal Nightmares,” “World,” “Chasing Ghosts,” and “Let’s Leave Her Here.” ~


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