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asumayaIt is the 9th of the month, and that means time for another Wisco Download.  The featured April 2o15 band is Oshkosh-derived Madison-based musical act ASUMAYA.  The band features Luke Bassuener on everything plus some.  The sounds often highlight short repetitive bell-style sequences matched with leading bass lines that keep the songs moving.  Bassuener’s style lends to meaningful lyrics delivered through a blend of chant, simple melody lines, and tribal-influenced harmonic themes.


Luke Bassuener on: bass, percussion, mbira (thumb piano), vocals.

Album: “The Euphemist”. Recorded by Luke Bassuener and Adam Cargin. Mixing and addition production by Jeremiah Nelson. Mastered by Adam Straney at BreakPoint in Seattle. Release Date: March 24 2015. Cover Art: Luke Bassuener. Banner photo courtesy of Audre Rae Photography.

Download Day Track:  “A Game of Who Names It  (#2 on the album)



In their own words: The Euphemist is an album about sugar-coating, political spin, and all the ways that people tend to redefine concepts in an era when marketing seems more valued than content. 

In the words of Madison-based Scott Gordon from Tone Madison: “Like a lot of previous Asumaya material, “A Game Of Who Names It” builds off of hand percussion, thumb-piano melodies, a sinuous bass line, and Bassuener’s conversational-yet-confrontational chanted vocals. But this song is also a little more scuffed-up and adventurous than anything I’ve heard from Asumaya before, with eerie samples whirring in and out of the mix as Bassuener delivers an oblique geopolitical meditation.”


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