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Karate School hails from Appleton, Wisconsin, and we’re fortunate to host them as our March 2018 featured download days band.  Karate School has been active playing shows in Oshkosh and Appleton this past year, and is set to play a show this upcoming Thursday in Appleton at the Ambassador worth checking out.
The band’s new material presents a super accessible atmospheric rock that melds flowing song structures with a compelling sound of bleakness, mended by the needed guitar solos that define the peak of their crafted musical stories.  No added instrumentational frills or conceited complexities – Karate School is a straight forward, four piece midwestern indie band who thrives on the ethereal. We can not wait to hear their full new album.
Karate School is:
  • Brian Hodgkiss-Guitar
  • Jon Leahy-Drums and backing vocals
  • Gregg Lewison-Bass
  • Kevin Koutnik-Guitar and vocals

Album: Not released – the download track is from Karate School’s new EP they are currently creating, to be produced by Karate School and Tony Anders.  The EP’s songs were tracked at their practice space and mixed and mastered at Studio H in Appleton throughout the fall of 2017. The EP is being engineered by Jon Leahy.  You best recognize – you are one of the first in the world to hear this track.

Download Day TrackCome Back Again

To download, click on track link above.  If logged in to drop box and black screen player appears, right click and save as.  If not logged in, you can click the screen anywhere and can then click download from top right corner.  If you still can’t figure it out, go to their damn show!


In their own words: “We love to play and create music. It’s an artist outlet for us.”

On Karate School:  “These guys are beyond swell.”  ~ Bearded Justin Bricco.

Upcoming shows: March 8th with Good Night Gold Dust (MN) and Redshift Headlights​ at the Ambassador, 117 S. Appleton St, downtown Appleton, WI.

banner image courtesy of Karate School by Sheena Carter; house photo by Mary.


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