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Ian Olvera is a master of sound, and it shows with his newest endeavor Daydream Retrievers and their self-titled full-length album to be released January 2018.  The album weaves between a crisp 1950s rock n roll and a classic country rock feel that together harkens an inevitable parallel to Jeff Tweedy while maintaining a raw authenticism that is synonymous with everything Olvera touches.

Olvera originally hails from Oshkosh but now spends his days doing musical things in Milwaukee.  The album is largely a solo project, with the exception of Amos Pitsch (Tenement, Dusk) who appears on drums and cymbals.  With keys, guitar, bass and vocals all exclusively crafted and performed by Olvera, this is a significant accomplishment and demonstrative of the range of his talents.

Album Title: “Daydream Retrievers”

Produced by: Ian Olvera. Recorded and Mixed at: Crutch of Memory (drums), Mystery Room, and Nutone. Recorded in random spurts from December 2015 to October 2017. Released January 13, 2018. Engineered & Mixed by Ian Olvera. Mastered by Justin Perkins

Album Cover Art by: Chopper

Download Day Track: Learning to Live with the End of the World (#8)

To download, click on track link above.  If logged in to drop box and black screen player appears, right click and save as.  If not logged in, you can click the screen anywhere and can then click download from top right corner.

Where to see Daydream Retrievers:  The band is currently playing shows in the Milwaukee area, including a Friday, March 9 show with Oshkosh’s Redshift Headlights, and Good Night Gold Dust (MN) at Company Brewing Co.


Where to purchase album: A live show, your online outlet of choice, or soon your friendly independent record store including The Exclusive Company and Eroding Winds.

In their own words: Daydream Retrievers began as a nameless excuse to record a couple tracks for the sake of recording them that had been kicking around for too long. It has possibly evolved into a more active project. Expect more recorded music soon and live shows here and there when we dang well feel like it!

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