Digging in the Dirt — WOFVA Chapter Plant Sale Orders due April 1st


I know it’s difficult to get excited about spring this year, but the snow will eventually melt and then we’ll all really get excited about spring and getting out in our yards. And, one of my favorite things about spring, is digging in the dirt. If you read this blog, I’ll bet it’s one of yours, too — digging in the dirt to plant new plants, trees and shrubs!

It’ll be difficult to wait this year for the soil to get warm enough to dig!!

WOFVA Chapter Plant Sale Orders due April 1st

Cheerful volunteers Rich and Pat Fischer help get ready for the WOFVA Chapter annual plant sale 2018.

With that in mind, I wanted to remind everyone that the orders for the Wild Ones Fox Valley Area (WOFVA) Chapter’s annual native plant sale are due April 1, 2019. We are again taking pre-Orders for not only native forbs, grasses and ferns, but also trees and shrubs. Pick-up date is May 18th.

Native Pants are Hosts and Food Sources for Insects

Native plants are the host plants and food source for most native pollinators and insects. They evolved together, so it’s natural they would rely upon each other for their preservation. In this day and age of bee colony collapse, monarch butterfly loss and insect eradication, it’s important for all of us to do our part by gardening for wildlife. Without bees and other insects, many of the foods we eat would not be pollinated naturally which means our meals would be a different experience and prepared for a higher price.

Order Form

The Wild Ones Fox Valley Area Chapter’s annual spring native plant sale will be held at the WILD Center in Neenah, Wisconsin on May 18, 2019. Pre-orders are preferred, but there will be more than a thousand extra plants available for purchase on May 18th. Buyers who pre-order should be assured of getting the plants they want, while on the day of pick-up species variety and quantity will be limited. Trees and shrubs are only available through pre-order.

Volunteers sorting pre-orders for WOFVA Chapter’s Annual Plant Sale 2018.

The plant sale order form identifies all plants, trees and shrubs offered as to ecotype (shade, sun, mesic, etc). There are also some pre-designed collections of prairie and shade plants available, and a listing specifically for monarchs and pollinators. Plants are in 4″ pots and are more than reasonably priced. There is also special pricing available for non-profits purchasing plants for their outdoor learning centers and habitats.

Don’t forget to place your order!

Pre-orders are due Monday, April 1, 2019.

Pick up is May 19th from 9AM to 2PM.


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