Council giving Rohloff a raise–and some new goals


The Oshkosh Common Council is poised to grant City Manager Mark Rohloff a 2.5 percent raise, bringing his annual salary to $148,625.

The pay increase, which will be acted on Tuesday, comes with some new goals for the year, including an “aggressive” approach to improving single-family housing in the city.

The higher salary follows a “challenging year for the city manager and staff,” the council said in a written feedback document. The document notes the multiple major projects that the city was involved in during 2017, including the Menominee Nation Arena, the Oshkosh Corp. headquarters and a railroad/truck transfer facility in the Southwest Industrial Park.

Rohloff “demonstrated the ability to continue to move forward with the work on these projects yet keeping the strategic priorities and the vision of the City, while making sure that he and staff provide the needed services to the city and its citizens,” the council said.

The council also noted his efforts to handle budget restraints imposed by the state and to manage the city’s growing use of tax increment financing. “The council has confidence in Mr. Rohloff to continue to move the city of Oshkosh forward and will continue to make Oshkosh competitive in Northeast Wisconsin and continue to make Oshkosh a great place to live, work and play,” the feedback document states.

To continue to improve conditions in the city, the council wants Rohloff to examine the stock of city-owned facilities, find ways to increase police and fire staffing and focus on economic development opportunities presented by the city’s large inventory of vacant land that has been zoned for business and industrial use.

With respect to the city’s housing stock, the council directed Rohloff to come up with an assessment of areas that are suited for neighborhood revitalization. This could involve looking at blocks that the city may buy for rehabilitation or for a complete teardown.

“As a whole council wants to see a aggressive package to improve single-family housing in Oshkosh,” according to the statement of goals for the city manager.

Photo: Mark Rohloff speaks on the City Manager’s Report program produced by Oshkosh Media.


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