City to pay $70,000 above assessed value for Repp properties


The Oshkosh Common Council agreed Tuesday to pay a hefty premium to acquire two properties on the east end of the Oshkosh Avenue redevelopment corridor.

The properties, Repp’s Bar and Fox River Bait & Tackle, have assessed values of $119,600 and $34,900, respectively. The city will pay $175,000 for the bar and $50,000 for the bait shop. The $225,000 total purchase price is $70,100, or 45 percent, above the combined assessment on the two locations, according to city documents.

The two sites, both owned by Alan D. Repp, are at 1202 Oshkosh Ave. and 1415 Rainbow Drive. The bar is currently closed and could be demolished anytime after July 1, city officials said. They expect to allow the bait shop to continue operating until money has been set aside for rebuilding the intersection of Sawyer Street and Oshkosh Avenue.

In other action, the council approved an agreement with the Oshkosh Saturday Farmers Market to avoid a steep increase in special event fees and also approved the closing of Oregon Street from Sixth Avenue to Sixteenth to allow for a major reconstruction project.

As part of the Oregon Street project, the intersections of Ninth Avenue and South Park will also be closed for two consecutive weeks during the construction period, which is expected to begin March 19.

The project involves road reconstruction as well as relaying of storm sewers, sanitary sewers and water mains. The actual times of closures will be “dependent upon progress of the work, weather and other factors,” according to the resolution the council adopted.

Work from the Fox River to Eighth Avenue is supposed to be completed in five weeks, work from Eighth to South Park is supposed to be done in 16 weeks and the work from South Park to Sixteenth is supposed to be done in 14 weeks.

The contractor is expected to accommodate traffic to local businesses and to make sure major intersections are open during AirVenture.

Photo: The city plans to pay a 45 percent premium for these properties at the east end of the Oshkosh Avenue redevelopment zone. Copyright 2018 Miles Maguire.


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    Darkwing Duck on

    The assessed value is often lower than fair market value, though, right? It’s been a while since I lived in Oshkosh but everywhere else I e ever owned property I know my assessed value is well under what I’d want to sell it for.

  2. Miles Maguire

    Different parts of the country do things differently. But Wisconsin state law says the assessed value and the market value are supposed to be the same. Nonetheless, it is recognized that the two values are hard to keep in synch. Just last year the city went through an assessment adjustment (including major changes for some property owners) to try to bring the numbers (assessed/market) closer together.

  3. Avatar
    Vickie Meinen on

    Why doesn’t the Oregon street construction go all the way to 20th so the “washboard” that is the South bound land from 19th to30th could finally be addressed.!?!

    • Avatar
      Tom Pech, Jr. on


      The 2018 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) includes Oregon Street from the river to 16th Street. 16th Street to 21st Street is slated for 2019 and 21st to 28th Street is slated for 2020.

      Tom Pech, Jr.
      City Council

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