City adopts private-side lead service line replacement program


To reduce the potential exposure from lead in drinking water in Oshkosh, the City has adopted revisions to the Municipal Code “Chapter 20 – Plumbing” to make full lead water service line replacement mandatory. To offset the cost to property owners, the City applied for and received a $500,000 principal forgiveness loan from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources through the Safe Drinking Water Loan Program.

The policy now includes the opportunity for property owners, not adjacent to City projects, who wish to have their private-side lead service replaced to be a part of the reimbursement program. Through the program, property owners can receive reimbursement of 50% of the cost of replacement up to a maximum of $1500. Additional reimbursement is available to property owners who meet certain income requirements.

“This policy builds upon the lessons we learned during the Pilot Program and allows us to expand the program to give more property owners the opportunity to get their lead services replaced,” said Director of Public Works James Rabe.

Those who wish to take advantage of the reimbursement must first verify their water service is lead by contacting Water Distribution to schedule an inspection, or hiring a plumber. They must then complete and submit the Request for Private-Side Lead Service Line Replacement form to the City. Submitted forms will be ranked and prioritized.

More information regarding the Lead Service Line Replacement Program can be found on the Water Utility’s webpage of the City’s website at

If there are any questions regarding the private-side Lead Service Line Replacement Program, please contact Environmental Compliance Manager Pete Gulbronson at (920) 236-5258 or Director of Public Works James Rabe at (920) 236-5065.


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