Chalice – Bloody Mary Review


The Chalice is one my favorite restuarants in Oshkosh. It is a smaller restuaurant with a very cozy, comfortable amotsphere. It also has the best sandwiches in town  so I decided to stop on down and try the bloody mary. I have had a bloody mary at the Chalice many years ago and there was only one thing I remembered about it; the shrimp added to the drink was very water logged and therefore just not good. I wanted to give the drink a second chance.

We sat at the bar forChalice 2 dinner, so not a typical time of the day to be ordering a bloody mary. The bartender made the drink with Smirnoff Vodka and a tomato juice blend. I am not sure if it was an in-house concotion or if it was a pre-made mix. It was in their own container so it would lead me to think it was something they put together. The glass had celery salt on the rim and an olive, mushroom, brussel sprout and shrimp for the condiments. This time the shrimp was kept in the fridge, not sitting in a condiment container you see bars use. So the shrimp was not water logged again, which was a relief.

Overall this drink was just a typical bloody mary. There was nothing overly special about it, but it was good. The only thing I would say was a negative was that I was not offered a chaser for my drink, however I didn’t ask for one either. If it is a Saturday, and you are craving some good food and bloody mary drink, this would be a good option.

(Rating 3 out of 5)

1741 N Main St, Oshkosh
(Closed Sundays)


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