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Summer is here and so is hot weather, and as you enjoy the outdoors be cautious of heat-related illness. Heat can come on suddenly and affect everyone differently. There are certain instances where extra precaution should be taken, such as: enclosed spaces (cars) and direct sun (festivals, working outdoors). Being that Oshkosh is “Event City” here are some good tips to review and share with guests as we see the heat index rise this weekend!

Find a list of local cooling shelters at:

Proactive tips for staying cool

  • dress appropriately (light colored, airy clothing)
  • hydrate with water early and often
  • eat small meals often
  • Find shade (tree, umbrella, hat)

Heat related symptoms

  • headache
  • cramping
  • dizziness/weakness
  • skin change (cool, moist, pale, ashen or flushed)
  • change in consciousness

As symptoms progress the result becomes more serious. As soon as you notice symptoms, react quickly.

Reactive tips to cool down

  • hydrate with water
  • lie down in cool, shaded area with circulating air
  • use a cold compress on temples and neck
  • do not leave individual alone

If symptoms continue to worsen call 911- heat stroke is a serious and fatal condition.


Online Updates

Follow the Winnebago County Depts for updates on weather advisories, situational awareness, prevention and event status.


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