Barricade transfer may solve fee issue for Farmers Market


The problem of whether to waive special event fees  for the Oshkosh Saturday Farmers Market may have found a solution in the form of a donation of used street barricades.

The Common Council will consider a plan Tuesday in which the market would drop its request for a fee waiver in return for 30 used street  barricades. In addition market organizers would promise to  provide five booths each week for use by the city or other local nonprofits.

“All parties recognized that the barricades were the source of concern for [the market’s]bottom line,” said City Manager Mark Rohloff. “The bulk of the costs for fees were the delivery of the barricades week in and week out.”

The market was expecting to see its fees double this year, rising to $9,000 from $4,500. Under this plan its costs would be less than $1,500, Rohloff said.





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